I am a Senior Designer currently working at Fair, a start-up in Los Angeles, CA. 

I am also a visual communicator, inventor, problem solver and team player. I believe that good design should be communicated in a way that is fun, unique and innovative. We should constantly push the work, molding it into something better than it was the week before and the week before that. Big ideas + smart visual executions = magic.  



Fun Facts



+  I was born and raised in Long Island, NY

+  I have an adorable, nugget french bulldog named Nala

I am often referred to and introduced as "Nala's Mom" 

I married a man with the same last name as me and have become a weiss twice (don't worry the family tree checks out okay)

+ I am a huge lover of food. I love to try new restaurants and cook up new creations at home.