Hydrate the Hustle,  360 Integrated Campaign

The core creative idea: In a world that takes the easy way out, vitaminwater inspires those who don’t.

The world’s obsession with overnight stardom has everyone running around looking to take the easy way out: doping. piggybacking. buying likes. Buying followers. Buying airtime. Shameless publicity stunts. They want success, but don’t want to work for it. 

vitaminwater advocates hard work over the easy way out - disrupting stereotypes and inspiring a generation of up-and-comers. And who better to inspire than Kevin Hart, living proof that hard work works. A generation is waiting. And vitaminwater is ready for Kevin Hart to hydrate the hustle. 

Client:    VitaminWater

Role:       Art Director



To keep the "hydrate the hustle" conversation going from our Kevin Hart, "Make it Big" Campaign, we launched a full social media campaign championing the hustle with #hydratethehustle and #howihustle messaging. Fans could share their work, hear about vitaminwater’s rise to fame, and get inspiration to keep on trucking on. All online content was collected and shared on vitaminwater.tumblr.com

#hydratethehustle & #howihustle
social media campaigns

To keep the conversation going post-launch, we created mini social media campaigns encouraging our fans to #hydratethehustle and talk about #howihustle.